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enter alt text here (for screen readers)Networking nerves? Interview jitters? Anxious about a big presentation or public speaking? Sometimes a little push is all we need to succeed in a job search or a current professional position.

Join us on Wednesday, October 3rd at 12 PM ET for #workschat on Twitter, where we will be discussing ways to break out of our comfort zones! Whether you are looking to learn a few tips or share some of your own, we hope you will jump in and help us create a lively conversation!

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enter alt text here (for screen readers)Join #workschat on Twitter Wednesdays at noon ET!

We recently started a great #workschat discussion via @NJWorks, our Twitter profile dedicated to connecting jobseekers to library resources.

Help us build a lively Twitter community by following @NJWorks and participating in #workschat every 1st and 3rd Wednesday!

What is #workschat anyway? How can I participate?