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Career Transitions

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Find Your True Calling.

Career Transitions is a self-paced resource that walks you through the entire process of landing a job. No matter where you are in life, Career Transitions helps you take the next step.

Career Transitions offers a practical, personalized, and guided experience that integrates all the tools needed in the job search-process including:

  • Resume builder
  • A personal profile that stores references, and action plan and more
  • Assessment engine that identifies career interests and transferable skills
  • Ability to target specific careers and apply for jobs
  • Interview simulation and networking tips
  • Adult education and low-fee distance learning classes
  • Access to unemployment services, health benefits, and other social services

This resource is great for first time online job hunters, persons who have become unemployed, or those who are interested in a career change.

(You will need an active NJ public library card)

Career Transitions - How to Create An Account507.03 KB
Career Transitions - How to Create a Resume930.25 KB
Career Transitions - How To Search for Jobs728.48 KB