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Workshops & Tutorials

Looking for a workshop in your local area?

NJWorks@yourlibrary is offering NJ residents the opportunity to participate in Job Readiness Computer Skills Workshops in public libraries across the state. 

Workshops will cover topics such as:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • How to conduct online job searches and complete online applications
  • Professional e-mail account set-up and etiquette
  • Building effective resumes and cover letters
  • Online resources available to better help you in your job search
  • Along with familiarity in the key computer applications that go hand in hand with each topic, i.e. web search engines (Google, etc.), Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Word.

For a list of classes scheduled at a New Jersey public library near you, visit the Calendar of Events

All classes are delivered by trainers from the local Community Colleges in collaboration with the New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development.

Need a quick refresher before your next interview?

Take advantage of the Popular Software Tutorials, brought to you by Learning Express LLC.

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LearningExpress Library's Popular Software Tutorials provide you with a solid proficiency in software applications, helping you navigate and excel in today's information age. Computer aptitude is a critical component of the 21st century skill set, and an indisputable necessity for workplace success. With instant access to today's most popular software applications, this comprehensive suite of tutorials gives users the necessary tools for gaining a competitive edge in today's fierce global economy and workplace environment.

With Popular Software Tutorials, you can:

  • Have access to self-paced computer software application tutorials, from basic to advanced levels, for the most commonly used applications and operating systems
  • Get a competitive advantage in the workplace or job search process by becoming proficient in office and desktop application functionalities
  • Rapidly progress through fully interactive multimedia programs that include sound, animation, and visual demonstration, for easy learning
  • Use self-assessments, quizzes, hands-on practice lab simulations, and interactive video content for better understanding of material
  • Access resources anytime, and from anywhere with an Internet connection

Register for Job & Career Accelerator today to take advantage
of these online tutorials!

All you need is a New Jersey public library card to get started.