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Benefits of Blogging -- #workschat on Wednesday, September 19th at 12PM ET

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enter alt text here (for screen readers)Blogging can be extremely valuable for job seekers, small businesses and entrepreneurs alike. When used correctly, blogs provide a platform to express thought leadership, ideas, and opinions.

Companies can utilize blogs to promote employees, raise awareness, and make announcements. Job seekers can utilize blogs for personal branding and resume building. Both can benefit from blogs by using posts to showcase personality, build social communities, and exercise creativity.

Join us Wednesday, September 19 at 12 PM ET as we discuss the benefits of blogging! Whether you have been blogging for years or are simply thinking about doing so, please jump in with your questions, comments and concerns! Looking forward to chatting with you!

What is #workschat anyway? How can I participate?

Questions for Discussion

Q1.  Have you considered blogging? Why or why not?

Q2. What platform is the easiest to use to blog? Why?

Q3. What are some of your favorite blogs to read?

Q4. Would you or have you utilized blogging during your job search? Tell us about the experience!

Q5. How can blogging be an effective tool for marketing yourself or business?

Q6. What do you, as a consumer, think companies should blog about?

Q7. What do you think are the biggest benefits to blogging?

Q8. If you could share 1 tip to bloggers, what would it be?

News Tips

Missed out on #workschat?

View the archives of the discussion at: http://storify.com/NJWorks/workchat-the-benefits-of-blogging


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