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Construction Industry Apprenticeship Program at Irvington Public Library

Through a partnership between the Construction Industry Advancement Program of New Jersey (CIAP) and Irvington Public Library, a Construction Industry Apprenticeship Program is being brought to NJ residents and will be held at the Irvington Public Library Technology Center. 

enter alt text here (for screen readers)The mission of the Apprenticeship Program is to recruit minorities into the trades industries and prepare people in the age range of 18-30 for the expectations of the construction industry.  People of all age ranges are welcome to attend.

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For more information on the Apprenticeship Program at Irvington Public Library, please contact the Reference Desk at 973-372-6400 x14.

Did you know?

  1. The Construction Industry employs more people and contributes more to America's gross national product than any other single industry.
  2. 250,000 new craft workers are needed yearly just to fill the demand caused by retirement and attrition.
  3. The Construction Industry Advancement Program of NJ (CIAP) awards approximately $100,000 in scholarships annually.

Apprenticeship Program

Deciding on a career is never an easy choice.  Many feel uninspired by college as the solution to personal needs and goals.  Furthermore, many of you might take out large student loans only to drop out of college within two years. Others may be seeking a new career field or seeking employment after being out of work for some time.

The Construction Industry Advancement Program (CIAP) is designed to help you prepare to become an apprentice in the growing field of construction.  In these programs, you can develop both physical skills, technical knowledge and a strong sense of self while earning good pay.

As part of our program students interested in pursuing a career in construction will be offered the opportunity to take the WorkKeys Test, a standard assessment test which is used by many trades as an entrance exam.

Take advantage of the  to learn more about the the construction industry and learn the skills necessary to be successful in this career field.  Start building your career now by applying to an apprenticeship program and let the earnings begin. 

  • Certain educational requirements are necessary for selected skill trades.  Click here for more information.
  • Interested in learning more about Apprentice Training Centers in your area, click here.

For more information about Careers in New Jersey Construction Industry, visit the website at www.ciapofnj.org or call Dr. Lee Pisauro at (732) 738-8636.

When are the classes starting?

To get started, contact:

Ryan Dooley
Public Relations Specialist
Construction Industry Advancement Program of NJ
Phone: 732.738.8636
Email: r.dooley@ciapofnj

Classes are scheduled at Irvington Public Library as follows:

Comprehension - Lab Presentation 
Meets Every 4th Tuesday beginning September 25th 5-8pm

Participants will get a chance to meet and speak with individuals who currently work in the construction industry. Participants will also use this time to practice sample tests and asks questions about exam.

Open Computer Lab -
Meets every Thursday beginning October 4th 5-7pm

Participants will use this open session to spend time practicing sample tests and well as write resumes.

Community Presentation
Meets 5:30 - 7pm 11/15, 12/20, 1/17, 2/21, 3/21, 4/18

Participants will work with mentors in order to help them improve their soft skills ( communication skills, conflict resolution and negotiation, personal effectiveness, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, team building, influencing skills and selling skills). During this session the mentors will take the time to find out what each participants individuals needs are.



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