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Featured Library: Irvington Public Library

The Irvington Public Library is truly the hub of their community.  A number of resources and services are available at the Library for a variety of cultures, backgrounds, or interests.  Visit the Irvington Public Library to get started!

The mission of the Irvington Public Library is to be the cultural and educational resource center for the residents of the Township of Irvington and its neighboring communities.  The Irvington Public Library has served the community since 1915. The 33,000 square foot building it now occupies was completed in 1968.

On August 28th, Natasha Peter, BTOP Project Manager at the New Jersey State Library, met with Jeanetta Singleton, Assistant Director, and Daphne-Bishop-Brown, Head of Reference at Irvington Public Library in order to gain a better understanding of the resources and services available to job seekers at the Library.

Through the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) grant, the Library received 10 computers, which have increased public access computers for the Children's Library and the Technology Training Lab.  The Library now has a total of 42 computers available for public Internet access:

  • 16 in the Computer Center in the Mezzanine,
  • 8 in the Children's Library, and
  • 18 in the Technology Training Lab.

The Library is currently making plans to develop an Express Computer, for those coming to the Library to print out a resume or other documentation and only need the computer for no more than 15 minutes.  The Library also has a Business Center available to allow for residents to send out faxes, make copies, or print out documents (for a minimal fee).  The Library is a "hot spot" for wireless Internet for those who have a laptop and there are several power sources located throughout the main reading room.

The Library offers a variety of free programs. Introductory Internet classes (as well as classes in e-mail, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel) are held weekly and are free of charge. An additional class will be scheduled to provide an overview of the available job seeker databases -- Job & Career Accelerator and Career Transitions. Those interested in participating are asked to sign up at the reference desk 15-30 minutes before the start of the class.

Reference Librarian Mary Anne ReillyThe Library has also developed a new program entitled "Surfing for Seniors" based on a need requested by the 1st Timothy Baptist Church to teach basic computer skills to their senior members.  Spearheaded by Reference Librarian Mary Anne Reilly, this program uses innovative methods to encourage and empower seniors to realize the importance of learning these skills and regardless of age, the skills can be learned.  Based on the popularity and success of this program, the Library has added a number of computer classes specifically for seniors and it continues to grow. 

In addition, the Irvington Public Library was the pilot library for initiating the QuickStart Program -- a program developed by the Institute for Entreprenurial Leadership to offer an entreprenurial training program for the unemployed.  Delivered at the Library in July 2011 and May 2012, the program lasts 6 weeks and offers intensive training on the steps needed to become an entrepreneur.  Classes are scheduled to begin again in the Fall.  For more information, call 973-353-0611 or visit www.ifelnj.org/quickstart.

Another great initiative at the Irvington Public Library comes from their partnership with Jefferson Park Ministries.  Developed in 2002, the Jefferson Ministries is a faith-based organization committed to serving immigrant families and youth by providing services that enhance their quality of life and promote empowerment to manage their day to day activities.  At the Irvington Public Library, this organization offers classes 5 days a week for the Haitian community on a number of different topics, including basic every day skills, basic computer skills, and basic English language skills. 

Daphne Bishop-Brown, Head of ReferenceThe Library has recently partnered with the Construction Industry Advancement Program of New Jersey to initiate a Construction Industry Apprenticeship Program.  The mission of the Apprenticeship Program is to recruit minorities into the trades industries and prepare people in the age range of 18-30 for the expectations of the construction industry. People of all age ranges are welcome to attend.  For more information, click here.

For more information on the services available at Irvington Public Library, please visit: http://www.irvingtonpubliclibrary.org/IPL/


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