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Breaking out of your comfort zone -- #workschat on Wednesday, October 3rd at 12PM ET

enter alt text here (for screen readers)Networking nerves? Interview jitters? Anxious about a big presentation or public speaking? Sometimes a little push is all we need to succeed in a job search or a current professional position.

Join us on Wednesday, October 3rd at 12 PM ET for #workschat, where we will be discussing ways to break out of our comfort zones! Whether you are looking to learn a few tips or share some of your own, we hope you will jump in and help us create a lively conversation!

What is #workschat anyway? How can I participate?

Questions for Discussion

Q1.  What is one goal you hope to achieve that you think will help you further succeed in your career?

Q2.  How have you worked towards achieving that goal?

Q3.  What skills have made you successful in your career thus far?

Q4.  How do you prep yourself for a big interview, presentation, or event?

Q5.  In your job search or career, what makes you the most nervous?

Q6.  What have you done to try and overcome that fear?

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