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Statewide GED Online Subscription Set to Expire

On December 31st, 2012, the statewide subscription to GED Online preparation tool is set to expire.  Since the tool was launched in January, over 500 people have signed up and logged over 1,000 hours of training.  There are still a number of seats available for anyone interested.

If you're a first-time user, request log-in information by sending an e-mail to GEDOnline@njstatelib.org, providing your first and last name and preferred e-mail address. Log-in information will be provided within 24 hours.

Take advantage of this great online tool before it expires!

enter alt text here (for screen readers)GED Online is an innovative resource providing step-by-step, web-based, interactive instruction to help residents prepare for the GED Test. 

  • Offers interactive instruction using 118 lessons in all of the subjects tested by the GED test: writing, social studies, science, reading, and mathematics
  •  Provides materials designed for students reading at levels 9-12
  • Features subject-specific pretests to help identify your current strengths and weaknesses
  • Includes assessments to measure mastery as well as remediation lessons for those requiring additional instruction
  • Lessons are tailored to meet your individual needs
  • Develops study plans if you need additional practice


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